Scholastic Features

  • Teaching methodology based on M.I. Theory.
  • Focus on concept based learning- periodical assessment and suitable remedial measures, to make them strong in fundamentals.
  • A Comprehensive Special Hand writing programme to ensure the speed and neatness in writing.
  • Regular parental workshops for better understanding.
  • Flexible seating arrangements in classrooms for group activities and collaborative learning.
  • A perfect pattern of CBSE makes learning innovative and stress free that creates independent learners.
  • Nurturing child’s potential through love, care and encouragement.

Digital & Art Studio:

  • Digital and Art Studio with Mac Desktop gifting chance to every child to experience drawing, painting, digital arts, jewellery making, fashion designing etc.
  • The Digital studio gives the opportunity to make stop motion pictures, digital art movie making, recording & editing. The programme promotes entrepreneurial skills among students.

Digital and art studio


  • THOTS lab with well researched games and activities promoting thinking skills and thinking process for building up the personality of the student.


  • STEM(Robotics) lab to bring out and nurture the Scientific Temper and Engineering Skills at a very early stage thus encouraging students to be a team player.

Creya Lab


  • A Sophisticated MINI THEATRE with push back seats to screen age appropriate value based films to imbibe social/moral ethics and values.

Mini Theatre

Maths Lab

  • An inviting MATHS LAB with manipulative software, removing maths phobia leading to concept clarity.

Language Lab

  • A LANGUAGE LAB focusing on listening and speaking skills, conducive for non native speakers of English. Communication is developed using the listening and speaking activities.