Non-Scholastic Features

  • A child’s holistic development is measured not only by his academic achievements. In view of this, Shri Vidhya Mandhir opens an avenue of Non –Scholastic activities to prepare a child for his/her greater journey of life.
Shadow Art
Parent Children Expo

Club Activities

  • Art club
  • Heritage club
  • Maths club
  • Science club
  • Tamil Illakiya Mandram

Digital and art studio


  • The School believes in the all-round development of the child. It gives equal importance to all sports. School has given many state and national sports players.

Extra Curricular

  • The School provides a wide range of activities such as
  • Classical & Western Dance, Yoga, Karate, Silambam, Vocal, Instrumental, Skating, Chess & Swimming.

  • Digital and art studio
    Digital and art studio